Vector Alpha - Patient Zero


Vector Alpha – Patient Zero aka “Vek” or “Zero”
N doppelganger, afflicted, blacklight mutator 3
Str 16, Dex 17, Con 18, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 15

HP: 32
AC: 17
Speed: 40



  • Shapechanger: Small or Medium, 2/long rest
  • Read thoughts: 1/long rest, 60ft. Wisdom save: DC 12
  • Slippery Mind: Immune to charm

Blacklight Mutator

  • Blacklight Biomass -
    • Biomass Defence: AC=10 +Dex +Con
    • Consume: Bonus action on 0 HP/kill attack, or action for adjacent 0 hp/dead.
      • Heal: Equal to 1 of the consumed’s HD + # of HD, once per short rest
      • Access Memories: Gain random images and memories of the consumed
      • Assume Form: Polymorph into the consumed
    • Infected Thermal Vision,
    • Magic Rejection and
    • Unarmoured Movement +10ft
    • Absorb Shock
  • Mutate Weapon -
    • Mutate Claws – Once learned, your biomass allows you to mutate and produce finesse claws. You gain the following benefits:
      • You can roll a 1d4 for your claw damage. This die increases 1d6 at 5th level, 1d8 at 11th level and 1d10 at 17th level.
      • Special: When you use the Attack action with your claws on your turn, you can make one additional claw attack as a bonus action.
  • Biomass Mutations (6/6)
    • Biomass Armour (resistance to B/S/P damage)
    • Mutate Shield (absorb 1d10+6 damage as a reaction)
    • Pounce (bonus action to Dash or Disengage, jump distance is doubled)
    • Greater Consumption: When you consume a creature, you can regain 1 spent mutation point OR spend 1 mutation point to: End one disease or one condition from the following choices: blinded, deafened, paralysed, or poisoned, or restore d6 Hitpoints
  • Danger Sense: Advantage on Dex saves vs effects you can see.


  • Deception
  • Common
  • Dwarven


  • Intimidate
  • Persuasion
  • Disguise kits
  • Elven

Blacklight Mutator

  • natural weapons
  • shields
  • Athletics
  • Stealth
  • Strength saves
  • Constitution saves

Equipment: A leather mask you use to maintain some comfort, traveller’s clothes, a set of common clothes, a bag, a blank notebook, and a belt pouch containing 5gp.

Wealth: 5 1000sp bills of Nestoran currency


Character Personality: A doppelganger? Who, me? That… that can’t be right, I… I remember my family and childhood… don’t I?
Goal: Discover who he was, and confront those responsible
Ideal: I believe the cause of my affliction can be traced to a specific source- and it shall feel my vengeance!
Bond: I have a diary or journal which I record my experiences in every time I rest.
Flaw: My situation has left me misanthropic and cruel.

Vector Alpha - Patient Zero

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